Etas laajakaistalambdakaapeli

                                                                                    valmistettu Saksassa
   630,- sis. anturin ja kaapelin                         . markkinoiden laajin mitta-alue 0-10v,                                                                                  malli myös virtaulostulolla
                                    . tehodynamometreihin, lämpökattiloihin,                                                                              polttomoottoreihin (bensa, diesel, E85,                                                                              metanoli, maakaasu) erittäin tarkkaan                                                                                seossuhteen mittaamiseen 
                                                                  hyödyntää Boschin uusinta lambda                                                                                     tekniikkaa,  LSU 4.9 anturia                            
                                              Smart Lambda Sensor Cable
                                  for measuring oxygen content

At a Glance
Measure the oxygen
content with wideband
lambda sensors in, e. g.,

— Industrial processes
— Measurement and
analysis processes
— Incinerators

Supports the Bosch LSU 4.9
wideband lambda sensor

Voltage or current signal
proportional to the oxygen

Emulation of the Bosch
LSM 11 discrete-level
lambda sensor

Precise, compact and
cost-effective solution

Easy integration into
existing systems

More than 15 years of
experience with measurement
technology for Bosch
lambda sensors

The CBS10x Smart Lambda Sensor Cable
from ETAS converts the signal of a Bosch
LSU 4.9 wideband lambda oxygen sensor
into analog current or voltage. Alternatively,
output signals can be chosen that
are proportional to the oxygen content or
the λ-value of the gas or to the pumping
current of the probe.

Bosch LSM 11 Emulation
In the field, LSM 11 discrete-level lambda
sensors can be replaced easily, both electrically
and mechanically, with a CBS104
cable and a Bosch LSU 4.9 broadband
lambda sensor: The variant CBS104 offers
the option to emulate the behavior of a
LSM 11 discrete-level sensor. In this case,
when connected to a LSU 4.9 sensor, the
analog signal at the cable output accurately
and reproducibly emulates the output
signal of a LSM 11 sensor in the linear
range between -20 mV and +80 mV.

Proven Technology
As a subsidiary of Bosch, ETAS has been
working closely with Bosch lambda sensor
development to provide evaluation circuits
for different sensors.
The intelligence of the CBS10x cable is
based on many years of ETAS’ experience
in the development of measurement technology
for lambda sensors. ETAS lambda
modules are used as a reference in the
automotive industry in the development
of engine controls. Measurement modules
from ETAS are not only precise, but also
perfectly suited for in-vehicle use.

All in One
In the design of the CBS10x cable the
focus was on ease of use of the solution:
Due to the integration of the evaluation
circuit as well as and the control of the
sensor heater into the cable, no additional
module is necessary. CBS10x comes with a
RB150 connector for the LSU 4.9 sensor.
At the other end of the cable, the lines for
signal, diagnostics, configuration, and
supply are open and can be easily
attached to custom connectors.

The CBS10x cable is an affordable solution
for measuring oxygen content.                                                                                                        

Technical Data 1
Item                              Characteristics                              Features
Sensor interface               Channels                                       1
                                    Supported lambda sensors                Wideband lambda sensors LSU 4.9 with
                                                                                       Bosch RB150 connector (Code 1) 2
                                    Sensor heater                                 Heater control integrated
                                    Measurement signals and ranges        Oxygen content O2: 0 % to 25 %
                                                                                           Lambda ë: 0.65 to 5.0
                                                                                           Pump current of the lambda sensor IP:
                                                                                           –2.5 mA to 2.5 mA
CBS100 analog output    Voltage Vout (0…10 V)                      Vout = 0.4 V x O2 [%]
                                                                                          Vout = 2.0 V x lambda
                                                                                          Vout = 5.0 V + 2.0 V x IP [mA]
CBS104 analog output    Voltage Vout (–20…80 mV)                 LSM 11 emulation
CBS105 analog output    Current Iout (4…20 mA)                      Iout = 4 mA + 0.64 mA x O2 [%]
                                                                                           Iout = 4 mA + 3.20 mA x lambda
                                                                                           Iout = 12 mA + 3.20 mA x IP [mA]
Selection of the                 Configuration input                  Open: O2
measurement signal          (CBS100 and CBS105)              Connected to the positive pole of the supply voltage: lambda
                                                                                  Connected to the negative pole of the supply voltage: IP
Fault display                          Error output                                Direct connection to LED, optical coupler, or SPS/PLC
Supply of evaluation circuit      Supply voltage                            9 V to 16 V DC (on request: 12 V AC)
and sensor heater
                                             Current consumption                  1 A effective in stationary operation
                                             (at 12V DC)                              5 A peak during heating-up
Weight                                  Cable without sensor                   145 g
Size                                      Cable length                               2 m / 6.6 ft (total)
                                                                                            0.3 m / 1 ft (line to sensor including connector)
                                             Electronic module                      27 mm x 19 mm x 110 mm (H x W x D)
                                                                                           1.1 in x 0.7 in x 4.3 in (H x W x D)
Environment                        Operation temperature range           –40 °C to 80 °C / –40 °F to 176 °F
                                             Protection class                         IP44
Electromagnetic                    EMC requirements                       Compliant to EN61326, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2,
Interference                                                                           EN61000-6-3, and EN61000-6-4

1 Technical data are subject to change until the release of the product.
2 The trim resistor for each probe is located in the connector of the probe and must not be separated from the probe.

Ordering Information
Order Name                                                                                    Short Name                           Order Number
Smart Lambda Sensor Cable for Bosch LSU4.9,                           CBS100.E.1-2                       F-00K-107-520
Universal, Voltage Output, RB150, open wire, 2 m / 6.6 ft

Smart Lambda Sensor Cable for Bosch LSU4.9,                            CBS104.E.1-2                      F-00K-107-524
LSM11 Emulation Output, RB150, open wire, 2 m / 6.6 ft

Smart Lambda Sensor Cable for Bosch LSU4.9                              CBS105.E.1-2                      F-00K-107-525
Universal, Current Output, RB150, open wire, 2 m / 6.6 ft